Hello there.

My name is Ozan

I’ve been designing, developing, and managing digital products for 15+ years. Previously, I had founded Semantica and created Piccture, Cardz, and Favogue.

I’m basically a


Although my design work is mostly focused on UX/UI/IxD, I have a wide range of design experience, from branding to animation, even printmaking. Plus, I’m able to create functional UI prototypes, and develop full-stack JavaScript applications on Node with GraphQL APIs and React (Native) mobile/web clients. Read more

  • Planning
    branding, product strategy, asset management
  • Marketing
    visuals, emails, ads, social media
  • User Experience
    research, ideation, wireframing, mockups
  • User Interface
    layout, typography, color, usability, IA
  • Interaction
    prototyping, visual representations, animations
  • Frontend
    architecture, markup, styling, DOM, APIs, web/mobile
  • Backend
    architecture, auth, data processing, API
  • Database
    modeling, management, CRUD
  • Testing & QA
  • DevOps

I have an extensive

design portfolio

Having worked on a wide variety of projects, I gained valuable skills and experience. Consequently, as a senior multidisciplinary designer, I have an extensive design portfolio. Below are some of my finest works. If you’d like to see all, browse my portfolio.

I contribute to

open source*

I like to work on open source projects. Sometimes I publish my own on my GitHub.


The website you are browsing right now is also open source. You can browse, modify, and use the code.


let’s talk

If you have something to say or a job to offer, I’d like to hear from you. Contact me