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Cardz is an amazing tool for networking. Buy a pack of Cardz anytime with any design option you want. Link your Cardz to your instantly-generated online profile by using the QR code on the back of your cards. Then share your information with your network with the help of your pack of printed cards. Get social in the coolest way possible.

It’s not a business card. It’s your persona. Pick your style, provide your information, then have both a pack of cards and a web page.

Simple as that.

It’s practical.

It’s responsive.

It’s full of options.

It’s full of colors.

It’s thematic.

UI theme is similar to your choice of print cards.Sign-up (Phone)Profile (Phone)Sign-up (Tablet)Profile (Tablet)Sign-up (Desktop)Profile (Desktop)

Story of the project

Cardz was entirely designed and developed in 48 hours at LAUNCH Hackathon 2014, by Ozan İlbey Yılmaz and Volkan Özçelik.

Ozan, having had 5 years of experience on branding at the time, came up with the idea of easy-to-have, branded-looking, socially consumable business cards. Compared to ordinary business cards, the main distinguishing factor of Cardz concept is that it democratizes having business cards by making it simple and cheaper.

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