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Tekel Okey is a social game, based on traditional Turkish game Okey, developed and managed by Digitoy Games. It is available on Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Facebook.

I had designed 8 different Facebook post templates for Tekel Okey in 2016. Each of these templates serves different purposes.

Special thanks to Ceren for helping me on this project!

I had also designed Facebook Pages for the other games developed by Digitoy Games such as Okey Extra, 101 Extra, Can Okey, and Rakkip.

“Poll Time“

Function: Asking the user’s preference on a subject.

“Find the Answer“

Function: Testing the user’s knowledge.

“Your Turn“

Function: Making the user contribute to the subject.


Function: Making the user laugh.

Morning Greetings

Function: Greeting the user each morning.

Fun Facts

Function: Giving the user interesting information.


Function: Giving the user free chips to play.


Function: Promoting the game.

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